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Dayton, Ohio & we are available to travel to your location for a weekend retreat


Are designed to help individual recognize and manage stress and anger. The goal is to teach acceptable ways of expressing stress and anger. By gaining a better understanding of self. We will learn different techniques for stress management and enhancing emotional intelligence and better ways to control our anger so that it does not lead to violent outbursts or actions that are harmful to others.


We've all experienced stress & anger, but few of us have been taught how do deal with it constructively.  We will looked at how our ability to deal with stress, anger and conflict constructively is influenced by our awareness of our own feelings, defenses, and abilities to empathize with others and let go of control. We've learned we have choices. We can verbally or physically attack each other (abuse) or we can turn conflicts into opportunities to build a better relationship. Anger is always a secondary reaction to a primary feeling.

  • Stress and Anger Free
  • Stress Mastery
  • Finding Relief in Anger
  • Emotional Freedom
  • Lady Stress Free
  • Mother and Daughter
  • Couple Heart beat Retreat
  • Help I am at the end of my rope
  • Don't Let Money Ruin your Marriage
  • Your Money & The Stress in Your Life
  • Caregiver, and Professionals
  • I am lose.  What is the purpose of my life
  • Creating Wellness
  • All  Work and No Play: How to achieve balance in your family life
  • Manage Your Stress Before Your Stress Manages You
  • Assertive Communication
  • Helping Children Manage Stress
  • Getting Over Anger
  • Managing the Stress of Change
  • Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children

begin  6-7 p.m. day of arrival and end at  12 noon the day of departure.

are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Customize your weekend retreat. With:
Reiki, Yoga, Aromatherapy , Massage,
Reflexology, Licensed Financial Consultant,  and more.

For more information, please email or call    937- 262-9912  

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