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How Does Coaching and Tele - Coaching Work?

Call our office phone number toll free 1-877-390-5624 or (937) 262-9912 for your FREE no-obligation  phone consultation.

During that time, we'll discuss your specific challenge/issue, discuss a little more about how it works, and then if you wish, you can schedule your  phone session. It's a simple but effective concept! Your coach is your partner, working with you to achieve the personal success you desire. Tele-coaching is a convenient way to receive all the benefits of coaching in the privacy of your home, office or while on the road. We begin with a 30-45 min in-depth intake per phone, when we establish your goals, challenges and the form of support to fit your needs.

Prior to this intake, you receive tools and questions for you to consider in preparation.
Coaching is by telephone during regular weekly(or more)  sessions, which allows for a very
efficient use of your time. You'll be coached in the convenience of your home or office, allowing you to be in a comfortable place to really talk. Coaching is very powerful by telephone leaving you better able to focus on the content of the conversation. It's a
highly effective method and, saves in travel time and costs.
You choose what you'd like to work on in your coaching session. You'll solve problems, make the most of your opportunities, discuss your goals and receive what you need to make sure things gets done. You'll talk about your dreams, vision and ideas.
Your coach will point out perspectives you haven't considered, offer advice, help you plan your next steps, and celebrate your successes with you. You'll feel accountable to your coach, which keeps you on track. And of course, all information you share is absolutely confidential between you and your coach.
Coaching is an alliance that focuses on you achieving your goals.  In today's busy world,
coaching provides an oasis of clarity, and prepares you for action.  Although coaching
may be therapeutic, professional coaching IS NOT psychotherapy.  Coaching aims at the present and the future, and supports you to overcome blocks to your success.  Coaching is a way to evaluate your life balance, and to create the results you want in every area of your life.
Following the initial intake, we then set weekly (or more) phone appointments of 30 ? 45 minutes to monitor progress, celebrate successes, discuss challenges and strategies. Several affordable arrangements are available. 


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