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Children: 9 - 13 Year Olds - Stress Management

Stress Management for Children.  Most of us probably think that childhood is a time when children are carefree, having no worries or responsibilities; yet, studies tell us that many children experience extreme stress and have similar symptoms as those of adults. Like adults, children often have bad feelings and have difficulty handling their stress. Unlike adults, though, children do not have the means or the skills to understand or manage their stress in appropriate ways.

Causes of Stress

Both negative and positive events can cause stress. Family events are often a source of stress for children. The break up of a family is a negative event that can cause stress in children. Events such as physical abuse, separation, rejection, and fights are some other negative sources of stress. Other events such as a parent losing a job, or the death of a parent, grandparent, or sibling can create stress. Positive events that cause stress in children include birthday parties, new pets, and the birth of new siblings. Everyday family obligations, events, and routines can create stress and tension for the young child, as in the case of an active family that may be so busy that the needs of a child may be overlooked.

Possible Signs of Stress in Children

Accident proneness






Appetite Loss


Baby Talk



Thumb sucking


Pounding Heart

Crying Spells

Grinding Teeth


Fingernail Biting

Excessive Aggressiveness

Respiratory Tract Illness

Excessive Laziness


The age of the child is a factor in recognizing stress. Children often cannot tell us what they feel or they do not have the language to describe the stressful situation. They tend to show the stress through their behavior.
Reduce Stress in Children.
  • We  Teach children tricks for calming themselves, such as taking deep breaths, thinking of a quiet place, etc  
  • Reassure children that what has happened is not their fault.
  • label, and release feelings 
  • And more
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