Peak Performance Mental Skills Trainer Coach - Dayton Ohio
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    Offices in Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio
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Course Delivery Options

  1. SELF-STUDY COURSES - are courses where you work independently at your own pace using clinically prove Self-help exercises and educational tools and audio cassette program as well as various other multimedia audio cassette programs and training manuals.
  2. INDEPENDENT STUDY COURSES - are courses where you communicate with a facilitator (via E-mail or US mail) by submitting course assignments and reports. You will be assigned tasks to be completed using textbook, and various multimedia audio cassette programs and training manuals.
  3. INDEPENDENT STUDY COURSES with TEL-CLASSES - are courses where you will work directly with a instructor using convenient, scheduled and personalized tel-classes and tel-sessions. Similar to the independent study method listed above, you will submit assignments and reports directly to your instructor using study guides and tools to complete your assignments.
  4. HOLISTIC PRACTITIONER COURSES - We recognizes the need for more health care professionals for further education in the field of holistic. We offers a selection of courses designed to complement holistic professionals practice, Self-care and family life. Holistic practitioner certificate students can use the holistic practitioner courses to: (1) matriculate as a professional certification student (2) as an additional healing modality (3) as the student's primary holistic health modality.
  5. PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION COURSES with SUPERVISED INTERNSHIP - You will study with a certified instructor who has many years of field experience. Your instructor will customize your certification course based on your educational background and personally supervise your internship. You will submit assignments and case supervisor intern reports using your training manuals, educational study guides and multimedia tools.
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