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Love Games

Are games for kids only? A few may say, but the experts disagree. Games can teach young and old how to improve there relationships with others. In the home, in the school, and in the workplace.
Love Games can improve and deepen communication, Improve cognitive development, resolve conflicts, fears, beliefs and social conditioning that do not serve us. The desire to hold on to being ?right?. And not listening to understand. How to establish a meaningful conversation, build greater trust, and reducing anger.
How to say what you are truly feeling openly, and honestly. Games can teach you and others to open up even when there?s distance between you. Love Games teach us how to let go of blame and, judgment. When carefully structured, games will challenge us to excel in every activity in life.
Love Game categorized into the following groups.
Discovery Games:
Explore who you are deep down inside. Experiment with dreams, and beliefs. What secrets and fears that may hold us back. You will find out what intimacy really means to your partner, how past relationships influence one?s capacity to love, and how one?s family can interfere with deepening emotional bonds. These are the kinds of issues that discovery game show couples how to explore vulnerable feeling with sensitivity and care.
Sensual Games:
These games are designed to rediscover the joy of an adolescent kiss, and use movement, taste, and touch to deepen your romantic and spiritual tie.
Fire-Fighting Games:
Many games can help couples build stronger bonds. From meditation, to blurting, to painting the demons away these techniques will replace anger with understanding and trust.
Problem-Solving Games:
Once our emotions subside, we can begin the task of confronting the underlying problems within.
Playful Games:
Having fun is an essential part of intimacy. These games are designed to tickle your partner?s soul.
The ability to dialogue openly with each other, the art of staying relaxed. There are two essential tools in development of conscious intimacy. As you can see games are very important in our life, and games are not only for children. We may start playing games as children but, they are important for us to continue for a balanced life.
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