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  1. Listen to music or paint.
  2. Count to ten
  3. Take breaks
  4. Avoid the tendency to always be right
  5. Don't hold a grudge
  6. Use humor to release tensions
  7. Keep an anger log to identify the kinds of situations that set you off and to monitor your reactions
  8. Vent to a friend 
  9. Listen first, and then speak 
  10. Smile
  11. Exercise
  12. Transferring the situation from negative to positive by self talk
  13. Take a long bubble bath
  14. Write down the pros and cons about how to deal with the situation
  15. Go shopping
  16. Listen to your favorite song
  17. Identify other emotions that you are truly feeling
  18. Ask yourself what is the real reason you are angry
  19. Practice self talk to calm down
  20. Talk on the phone
  21. Prayer
  22. Mediate
  23. Reduce stress
  24. Go for a long drive
  25. Take responsibility for your own actions
  26. Have a massage
  27. Avoid excessive use of alcohol
  28. Learn to laugh at yourself
  29. Avoid people that tend to increase your irritability
  30. Avoid passive aggressive behavior
  31. Learn to state your needs
  32. Be open to the opinions of other
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