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The Process

The process: We will begin by me talking you into a hypnotic state. I will guide you to the past life. Upon arriving at this past life you will first identify basic information; are you male or female? What are your surroundings? What time in history are you in? We will then progress you through this life, stopping at the most important scenes. As you stop at each scene you will be able to experience what it was like to be this person. You will be able to hear (or know) your thoughts, as well as feel what it's like to really live as this person. You will experience what it's like to poses and master your talent. After you experience all the important scenes in this life, you will go to the scene just before the end of this life. You will see this scene from a safe place, sometimes as a movie, so that there will be no pain or unpleasant feelings.
      You will then go to a place of higher knowledge. This is a safe place where you will be able to view this past life without judgment, from a point of higher wisdom. This is where you receive all the important information about this life. You will then take all this knowledge, and wisdom, along with the talent and lessons learned, back into present time. You will come away with a whole new level of confidence


 Past Life Regression is to remove blocks or issues that you may have in this life. Blocks or stuck energy, are things that are holding you back from moving forward. Stuck energy can be anything from unexplainable chronic pain, fears, phobias, addictions or any obstacle you just can't seem to over come in this life.  You will go back to a life where your energy is "stuck"

This regression can be more emotional because you are dealing with an issue or an unresolved issue. However, if at any time the process becomes too emotional, you can easily redirect your focus. You have total control over the regression at all times. You can also view your life in the form of a movie, separate from any pain or discomfort. If you find yourself in this situation, it only means that you are now ready to face this issue and move forward.  Through this process you will release any old blocks, which will allow you to move forward in present time. By releasing the old 'stuck energy' and integrating the new information, wisdom and lessons learned from this past life into your present life, you are facilitating healing on a cellular level.
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