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Managing Anger in Divorce

Managing Anger in Divorce
No matter how you view marriage, or your level of commitment to the relationship, Marriage requires perhaps the greatest investment of emotional capital we can put into a non-blood relationship.
In a divorce, each party gets divorced twice.
  • The Emotional Divorce. This is the emotional bonds created by the marriage
  • The Legal Divorce. This is the actual separation of the parties lives:. Romantically, financially and children.
When one or both of the parities have not completed the emotional/divorce and are not resolved the divorce the inevitable conclusion, filling the legal divorce with negative emotions. Anger is the response to the negative emotional feelings that people experience when going through a divorce and is part of the natural and inevitable grieving process.
Anger is manifested from feelings of abandonment, betrayal, disloyalty, distrust, deception, infidelity or rejection, or a combination of other feelings based on the sense of a loss of entitlement or right.
What you will learn
  • Ways on Coping with Divorce Anger
  • Understanding what it is
  • Setting limits on your anger
  • How to let go.
  • Stress Management
  • Building Self Esteem
  • Understand your thoughts and beliefs that trigger your anger at one self and other
  • How to avoiding the controversy trap
  • Learn how not to take it so personally when faced with criticism, hostility rejection, and deception
  • Healing After the Divorce
  • How to control your own destiny
  • How to discovery your true self
  • And More
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