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Anger Management for Woman

Anger Management for Woman
  • Understanding Anger
  • Understanding Stress Management
  • Communication
  • Relieve unresolved angers from the past so they will not continue to cause inappropriate, self-destructive behaviors in the present.
  • Replace underlying feelings of self-doubt with appropriate self-respect
  • Identify the real objects or their anger so that they can understand and change their behavior.
  • Replace carry over roles and ideas from the pas with more appropriate ones hat make life more livable.
  • Manage your own anger in ways that make relationships better
  • Manage your partner's anger the right way.
  • Respond more constructively to the are of others at how and at work
  • And more.
The curriculum materials we use is Anderson and Anderson Anger Management, The Anger Habit in Relationships, and The Anger Workbook for Women
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