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Peak Performance /Mental Skills Trainer(Sports Hypnosis)Coaching

"Peak Performance Consultant/Coaching


Without any doubt, it is the mind that holds the determining factors over just about all of our performances and behavior, and so it is in mastering the mind, that the sports-person has the greatest chance of performing at their personal best.

We have all heard statements like....."His mind is just not on the game today"....Or perhaps, we might have known someone who excels at their sport when training, yet crumples under the pressure of competition. Just like those people who drive perfectly with their tutor, yet get so nervous with the test examiner that they fail miserably.

 Hypnosis can play a major role in helping the sports-person prepare them mentally, and that preparation will typically include a whole package of approaches, naturally tailored to the sports-persons requirements, and will nearly always include methods designed to:

Overcome self-doubt, mental rehearsal, positive visualization, encourage rapid healing from any injury, increase confidence, increase motivation, perspective changes, develop single mindedness, increased concentration and focus, eliminate negativity, promote positive expectation, reduce performance anxiety, increase self belief, etc..

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Endurance Sports
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Track & Field
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Water Polo

There are four major causes of performance problems:
  1. Knowledge or Skills - The employee does not know how to perform the process correctly - lack of skills, knowledge, or abilities.
  2. Process - The problem is not employee related, but is caused by working conditions, bad processes, etc, etc.
  3. Resources - Lack of resources or technology.
  4. Motivation or Culture - The employee knows how to perform, but does so incorrectly.

What a Peak Performance/  Mental skills Training can do for you team?

Effective Goal Setting
Thought Control Strategies
Emotional Control
Anxiety Management
Concentration/Attention Control
Relaxation Training
Confidence Management
Imagery/Visualization Training
Coping With Injuries  


  • Win more often
  • Play more consistently
  • Condition your mind to achieve sporting success
  • Perform with massive motivation, explosive power and improved accuracy
  • Replace anxiety, nerves and pre-competition tension with supreme self confidence
  • Create and re-create successful consistency in your performance, behaviors and thoughts
  • Programmed yourself for success and compete expecting to win
  • Enter "The Zone" predictably, instantly place yourself in peak emotional, mental and physical states, with unstoppable courage to achieve results beyond your dreams
  • Build laser concentration and focus
  • Install strong empowering beliefs
  • Eliminate fears, distractions, barriers and eliminate negative thinking
  • Destroy limiting beliefs, thoughts and attitudes
  • Instantly change your state
  • Install instant confidence
  • Install wanton motivation
  • Run your own brain
  • Model excellence
  • Think like a world champion
  • Manage your emotion
  • Set powerful compelling goals and align yourself your beliefs so you are unconsciously pulled towards achieving them
  • Mentally rehearse success and expect to succeed
  • Personal stress reduction for the manager and coaches
  • If injured, learn how to keep training mentally and keep your skill level high
  • Rocket your confidence in your performance
A performance coach is also a:
  • Leader - who sets the example and becomes a role model.
  • Facilitator - is able to instruct a wide verity of material.
  • Team Builder - pulls people into a unified team.
  • Peace Keeper - acts as a mediator.
  • Pot Stirrer - brings controversy out in the open.
  • Devil's Advocate - raises issues for better understanding.
  • Cheerleader - praises people for doing great.
  • Counselor - provides intimate feedback.

Individual Consultation (for Athletes, Teams, Families)
Mental skills training for optimal performance in the following areas:

  • Anger Management
  • Concentration/Focusing
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem Building
  • Confronting and Coping with Fear
  • Coping with Adversity/Pressure
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Goal Setting/Mission Statements for Success
  • Imagery/Visualization
  • Leadership
  • Mental Perseverance
  • Motivation
  • Pre-performance Routines
  • Psychological Rehabilitation Following Injury
  • Relaxation Training/Stress Management
  • Self-talk
  • Communication Skills in Sport

 Is Peak Performance right for me?

Peak Performance Consultant (Coach) is most effective for serious athletes and sports enthusiasts who are able to:

  • Demonstrate passion for their sport/activity
  • Receive unbiased feedback regarding performance
  • Learn and focus on change (both thoughts and behaviors)
  • Focus on results rather than on expectations
  • Seek confidential, responsible assistance on an individual level

What results are produced as a result of receiving Peak Performance services?

Results vary from athlete to athlete; much like physical talent can vary between athletes. How well will Peak Performance work for you will largely depend on your acceptance, implementation and dedication to sports psychology techniques and principles. The most common outcomes or results of mental toughness training are:

  • Increased passion and enthusiasm for sport participation
  • Increased performance through goal setting
  • Improved ability to focus and concentrate
  • Reduction in injury recuperation time
  • Reduction in fatigue while competing
  • Improved performance during pressure situations


Sports Peak Performance for Individuals.

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Endurance Sports
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Track & Field
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Water Polo

Peak Performance FOR

One-on-one Sessions

For the most personalized experience, our one-on-one sport Peak Performance sessions are ideal for serious athletes who want to discuss the issues that are hindering peak performance. We work one-on-one either in person or via long distance, email, telephone. To maximize the mental game coaching experience, we offer one-one-one Peak Performance sessions in three, six or twelve month packages consisting of 4 sessions per month. 

Individual packages include: Our extensive baseline assessment to determine the mental obstacles that may be impacting performance, 4 sessions per month with a
Peak Performance  professional (meeting either by phone or in-person), and unlimited email correspondence.

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