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  • Dayton, Ohio, Counseling CenterWe are all responsible for our own choices.
  • We reap the benefits and suffer the consequences.  
  • We seek friendly ears from friends, family members and ministers whenever we can.

Sometimes we need fresh objective assistance to help us "think things through" and consider what alternatives are right for us. 
My Life Direction Center. The process is tailor-made for each person's individual needs.  We assist you in clarifying your direction and finding your life.  We have developed a reputation for helping people achieve there goal by breaking down the goal into practical easy steps.  We provide you with the necessary skills and support to achieve a fulfilled life.


  1. CLARITY - Drawing clearer understanding regarding present connections, situations and future directions.

  2. DIRECTION - Seeing the possibilities and knowing which path is best.

  3. FOCUS - Concentrating on what's truly important in business, in people and in life.

  4. AVAILABLE TIME - Less time absorbers more free time.

  5. DOING SUCCESSFUL THINGS - Concentrating on what's going to have the desired impact.

  6. DOING THINGS SUCCESSFULLY - Concentrating on efficiency and delegation.

  7. FOLLOW THRU - Preparation and completion increases.

  8. COMMITMENT - Full investment into process and goals.

  9. INCOME STREAMS - Creating making what you should be making.

  10. SUPPORT FROM OTHERS - Working with a dependable support network.

  11. WORK AND PLAY BALNACE - Work vs. Play ratio improves.

  12. COMMUNICATION - Speaking and listening at a deeper level.

  13. COOPERATION - Synergy becomes a way of doing business and life.

  14. ENERGY - Less stress.  Energy absorbers go away.  Situations and people are dealt with more effectively.

  15. OVERCOME BLOCKS - That  keeps you from moving forward.

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Vent Your Stress with a Venting Partner Telephone Line

This is a pay per call line, the call will automatically be billed to your credit or debit card when you call this line.

The cost is only $20.00 for 10 minutes or you can order the $1.99  per minutes plan.

When an individual cannot resolve an issue on his or her own, an outsider can often help the person find a resolution to the conflict. 

Venting Partnerís will allow you to vent in a safe and secure way, and also help you learn new way to control the stress in your life.

  • Understanding stress
  • Coping with stress
  • Stress prevention

More about having a telephone venting partner

We have personalized and group programs available in PERSON and  by TELEPHONE, to assisted self study and in to help you get your bearings ... because YOU are important ...

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